"Bravo Zulu Jets provides independent aviation services in SE Asia and the wider Pacific region"

We deliver solutions to civil operators, special mission aircraft, repair stations, and airports.

We offer the following services:

Our quality and safety solutions are built on the foundations of ISIM*, Causal Factor Analysis^, System Control Theory#, ISO 9001, and AS9100 standards.

Our services are always tailored to fully meet your regulatory obligations (be it FAA; EASA; CAAC; CAAF; CAAS; CASA; HKCAD or DASA).

* ISIM was orginally developed by TSB Canada and later adopted by ICAO, in support of Safety Management Systems (SMS)

^ The Why-Because Analysis (WBA) toolkit was originally developed by Prof Ladkin and his research team in Germany

# The Causal Analysis using System Theory (CAST) method was originally developed by Prof Leveson and her research team at MIT


SMS and System Safety