"Aircraft handles funny. > Aircraft warned to straighten up, fly right, and be serious." (TechLog entries, Anon.)

Engineering Services


Your Challenge: Complex Design and/or Airworthiness issues. Post-modification Flight Test program. Annual Airworthiness (CAMO) responsibilities.

Our Capability:

⇑ Compliance Verification packages - Structures, Systems, and Weight (for Part 25 compliance, Part 21M or DER approval).

⇑ Airworthiness reviews. Special Airworthiness audits and consultations. ETOPS certification projects.

⇑ Lease transfer inspections. Maintenance record reviews.

⇑ Flight Test Program control.

Our Value:

⇒ Former Structures and Systems DER (CASA and Boeing delegations).

⇒ Technical Director and Chief Engineer experience (A320/330 + B737/767 models).

⇒ Fully compliant solutions for FAA, EASA, CASA, CAAC, CAAF, CAAS, HKCAD, DASA compliance.



Problem Solving