"What you fix, depends on what you dare to find" (Prof Hollnagel)

Quality and Safety Audits


Your Challenge: External/Internal QMS audit findings (ISO 9001; AS9100-series; Part 21 or 145; NADCAP) or Continual QMS improvement all require that your team identifies the root cause(s) of undesirable conditions, defects, and failures.

Our Capability:

⇑ RCA - AS9136 compliant Root Cause Analysis (SAE ARP guidelines) to minimize impact on quality, delivery performance, costs, and ultimately on the Customer

⇑ FTA - Fault Tree Analysis (Aerospace Design) and FMECA Review (e.g. MSG-3 based Maintenance Program Approval and Changes)

⇑ DOE - Advanced Design of Experiments and Analysis for complex systems (OT&E and Flight Test support)

⇑ Facilitating Problem Solving Workshops and Training (Causal Mapping, CAE diagrams, WBA graphs, and other Formal methods)

Our Value:

⇒ We are fully independent from your internal Quality and Safety organization.

⇒ Too often the focus is on quick and easy solutions. Our probability-based action plans effectively address Special Cause and Common Cause variation.

⇒ Corrective actions are not closed, until timely and effective implementation is verified. We can also help in drafting CAR responses to your External Audit agency.




SMS and System Safety Engineering Services