"We offer you a system safety solution, proven in aviation, rail, maritime, and computer-security industries."

Incident Investigations


Your Challenge: ICAO Annex 13 requires not only analyzing the causes of individual aviation incidents, but also that organizations must use this analysis to identify any common causes between similar incident reports. This task is fundamental for a working SMS.

Our Capability:

⇑ We specialize in investigating high-risk, complex, and software-intensive systems.

⇑ We can work with your in-house investigators, or offer you a stand-alone solution (from initial witness interviews to preventive actions).

⇑ If the incident was serious, you may have to cooperate with your Safety Board or Airworthiness Authority. We can remove some of that burden and manage that complex process for you.

⇑ All ICAO Contracting States recognize and accept our safety methodology. Should the complexity warrant a full-blown system safety assessment, we may recommend a "control theory" based solution.

Our value:

⇒ We combine ISIM and Check List approaches with formal Causal Analysis techniques. Our reasoning process ensures the integrity of our incident reports, and all "plausible" causal factors are evaluated within your SMS.

⇒ We identify and recommend genuine safety improvements, supported by high quality incident graphs and proposed safety communication(s) at multiple levels within your organization.

⇔ A standard SMS investigation may tick the box however, it will not find and fix underlying systemic issues. This is why we go beyond compliance to find robust safety solutions for your SMS;



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